With global warming and the enormous number of pollutants we as a species generate day after day, a green life has long become a necessity if we don’t want to destroy our world to the point where it’s practically inhabitable. In order to live healthier and more fulfilled life, knowing that we’ve played our individual part in protecting our planet, we have to change our own mindset and adopt some eco-friendly habits as soon as possible. Here are some initial steps each of us should take today in order to allow our environment to heal.

Conserve Energy

From compact fluorescent light bulbs to smart appliances, there are so many eco-friendly options to consider nowadays. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just throw out your fridge, stove or any of your current light bulbs out. However, next time you have to buy something new, do so with environment in mind. Most manufacturers today are looking for innovative and effective ways to lower energy consumption with their products, so make use of that in your own home and at work. In addition, switching the lights off when you don’t really need them or when you’re leaving a room can also make a difference. Similarly, be reasonable with regards to spending water. For instance, there’s no need for water to run in full capacity while you’re brushing your teeth. Plus, there are some excellent water-saving shower heads and faucets on the market, so give those a chance as well.

Furnish Your Home Properly

The furniture you own, the paint you use for your walls and any decorative elements you bring into your home can and should also be greener. For instance, when buying new items, make sure that they’re made from sustainable materials, that they’re sourced locally and that they’re long-lasting. A good example are top-quality rugs made of materials like wool, cotton, hemp or jute, that can last for years and are kinder to the environment. These can be quite appealing and can be of any color you like, so that they complement the style of your home, without you having to compromise when it comes to eco-friendliness of your living space. When it comes to bigger pieces, seek those created from natural, recycled or reused materials, such as wood pallets, bamboo, rattan or salvaged wood.

Shop Mindfully

Through adjusting your daily shopping habits, you can also lower your negative impact on the environment. For example, you can buy locally-grown produce, as transport of imported food usually implies a fair amount of harmful gasses being released into the air. Next, avoid plastic whenever you can. Start with ditching plastic bags and getting several reusable canvas ones. Also, avoid any products in plastic packages, especially fresh fruit and vegetables. This also makes a statement to the companies selling those products that they should change their packaging into something greener, so as not to create more waste. In addition, choose the products you buy wisely. In case you like fashionable bags, opt for an eco-friendlier option and get yourself an adorable cowhide handbag. These are modern and will make you stand out, but the best part is that they’re made as by-products of the food industry, so that you don’t have to settle for anything that’s not green. Cut down on the use of single-use items, like plastic or paper cups, plates and cutlery, or even paper towels, as finding a reusable alternative to these products is actually as simple as can be. Finally, avoid shopping on an impulse or buying too much of anything. That way you’ll end up wasting your money on things you don’t really need and adding up to already alarmingly big landfills and to the garbage already floating in our waters.

Recycle More

Not only does recycling conserve natural resources, but energy as well. This is why it’s essential that you recycle everything you possibly can and to do so constantly. For instance, you can donate some of your old books, clothes or furniture, or you can go to one of the stores that accepts used clothes to get rid of what you don’t need. In fact, some stores even offer a discount to those who do so. Furthermore, you should learn to separate your trash, so that things like plastic bottles, used batteries and food leftovers don’t end up in the same place, when they can be recycled. While at the topic of leftovers, you can also consider composting food scraps into a fertilizer that you can later use when planting your own garden, which is another way to contribute to the environment.Abiding by the eco-friendly principles allows you to lead a more meaningful and healthier life, while contributing to the well-being of the planet. The changes you need to make are often undemanding and there’s no reason for you not to start making them now. So, start your day with being mindful to the environment and see how your own quality of life improves as you show this world the kindness and understanding it deserves.


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