Are you looking to move somewhere greener? Or do you just need ideas to implement in your city to make it more sustainable? Well, feel free to rely on this list of most sustainable cities in the US:

Portland, Oregon

For many years now, Portland, Oregon, has been known for its sustainability. It’s one of the top cities in the country when it comes to energy production from renewable sources. Even street lights and traffic signs in Portland are energy-efficient and use LED bulbs that require 66% less energy than old bulbs used across the city. Also, the city recovers more than 80% of the waste produced in city operations through recycling and composting, aiming to increase that number to 90% by 2030.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is blessed with year-round green spaces and many serious green efforts to improve the city’s sustainability. This city is home to the first carbon-neutral utility company in the US, which uses hydroelectric dams to generate renewable energy. Seattle also houses many tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, both of which aim to achieve net-zero carbon emission in the next 20 years.

San Diego, California

Even though the state of California often suffers from droughts, San Diego found a way to combat these water shortages in a green and sustainable way. Using reverse osmosis, the local plant manages to turn ocean water into drinking water. This technology is not perfect and it does boost greenhouse gas emission, yet after all of that, San Diego still managed to lower its sum emission by 25% in less than 10 years.

Washington D.C.

D.C. is one of the top cities in the States when it comes to LEED-certified buildings, with public schools in the city leading the way in energy efficiency. The capital city also continues to reduce greenhouse gas emission and is working towards creating net-zero energy buildings. Every year, D.C. is investing more and more money into wind and solar power for municipal and residential buildings, and now, the city is in the top 3% of the country’s best renewable energy cities.

Abilene, Texas

Definitely the smallest city on this list, Abilene is a perfect city for starting a family, enjoying a peaceful life and being good to the environment.  What puts Abilene on this list is a $2.4 billion renewable energy power data center campus waiting to be built near the city. But there are other green benefits to Abilene like walkable downtown, many hiking opportunities, as well as green fares. And if you mix all the green improvements with affordable apartments for rent in Abilene, this city definitely deserves a spot on this list. Check it out on your own and you might just decide to stay forever.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix might be one of the fastest-warming cities in the States due to its desert location and very low rainfall during the year (just 7.5 inches annually). However, it still managed to solve many of its issues in a sustainable way. Even with frequent water shortages, Phoenix ranks in the top 5% of the cities when it comes to greenery. The amount of green spaces per citizen is great, but the city authorities are aiming to boost tree coverage by 25% by 2030, making it much more pleasant and green.

Honolulu, Hawaii

This island state has been working on its carbon-free transportation options and investing in bikeshare programs. Today, the city is in the top 15% of the cities when it comes to all-electric vehicle registrations. Honolulu is a paradise for green commuters thanks to the city’s efforts like Carbon-Free Corridor, etc. Also, 7% of the island’s electricity is trash powered, which makes fossil fuels almost obsolete in Hawaii and Honolulu.

New York, New York

One might not expect to see NYC on this list, but this giant is actually very sustainable. Due to its density and population, New York has many opportunities for resource-saving. For instance, the city is very compact, which makes it suitable for walking and cycling, as well as access to public transportation. This city is at the bottom when it comes to vehicle ownership but at the top 1% when it comes to energy-efficient commuting.Hopefully, cities will continue to compete for the top position of the greenest cities in the US list. This competition makes all of our lives better and healthier and the beautiful country of the USA even more impressive.

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