Those who were lucky enough to be born in 1999, managed to fall under the influence of the Yellow Earth Cat (Rabbit) according to the ancient Eastern (Chinese) calendar.

For the most part, people whose birthday fell this year are quite shy and timid, but have an unusually subtle insight. They can not immediately rush into any situation or commit a poorly thought-out act, they need time to analyze what’s happening to begin to act. People born in 1999 often have excellent intuition, which helps them to avoid all kinds of trouble. They are generous, cheerful persons, but they also occasionally need solitude and peace.

Character Features

Yellow Cats, like real cats, try to lead a measured, relaxed lifestyle in a comfortable environment. People born under this sign are distinguished by their cold-bloodedness, which is why it is very difficult to take the Yellow Cat out of the way. After all, even in extreme situations, they will speak calmly, measured, without panic, trying to find the most comfortable way out for them. As for conflict situations, here Cats will avoid direct confrontation and scandal in general.

Also often Yellow Cats are very conservative. They have enough sense of tact and stamina not to express their dissatisfaction about something directly, but the “wrong” behavior of the other person will be noticed, and the situation will be remembered for many years. Like all conservative people, Cats can not accept any innovations for a long time, they will always insist on preserving the old order, traditions and even technology, because they do not see the need for new discoveries.

Cats are quite stubborn and ruthless in achieving their personal goals, although they avoid any risk and adventure. In fact, they do not need it, because people born under the sign of the Yellow Cat, in all cases accompanied by good luck. So, by setting a goal, the Cat will certainly achieve it, regardless of the emerging obstacles.


In a working environment Cats acts as the best managers and workers. They have the right stamina to cope with the workload and stress. And their already known good fortune helps to quickly bring profits not only to themselves, but also to the company.

Personal Relationships

Cats have some difficulty in building a relationship with their significant other, as they are quite restrained in their emotions and feelings. Cats will not shower their loved ones with compliments and signs of attention. But with their external rigor and coldness, they are very strongly tied to the man, while fully trusting him, because they themselves are often incapable of treason or betrayal.

Do not destroy confidence in yourself, because Cats are vindictive, and with such action, most likely, you will only find a new enemy. In a relationship with Cats, you will have to accept the fact that they will periodically require complete solitude in order to gather your thoughts, although the Earth Yellow Cat may not show it.

Mascots of the sign:

  • lucky numbers are 2, 5, 9;
  • Unlucky numbers – 4, 15, 16;
  • lucky colors – green, orange, black, blue;
  • Unlucky colors – ochre, ultramarine;
  • flowers of the sign – cherry, lily, bellflower;
  • stones – chrysoprase, opal, tiger’s eye;
  • Lucky day of the week – Monday;
  • unlucky day – Thursday;
  • tree – oak, alder, maple;
  • animal – cat, rabbit, hamster.

Famous personalities

In 1999, such celebrities as Joey King, Lily-Rose Depp, and Sky Bri were born. Sky Bri nude leaked online not too long ago.

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