Many travellers today don’t want to just enjoy themselves and let go on their travels. Instead, they want an experience that’s authentic, organic, and most of all, green, so they can come back home with tons of memories and none of the guilt. So what are some of the best eco-friendly destinations perfect for eco-conscious travellers in 2022?

Costa Rica

When people think about sustainable tourism and great eco-friendliness efforts, Costa Rica instantly springs to mind. The country’s government has been taking great pride and focus on maintaining ecotourism for over 20 years, and its commitment to staying green and responsible towards its natural beauties is stronger than ever. No matter if you want to stay in classic resorts, rainforest lodges, wildlife camping grounds, wellness retreats or cheap hostels, Costa Rica will provide you with a guilt-free experience.

The Azores

The Azores, a Portuguese archipelago, is something of a fun entertainment park for all outdoor lovers. This group of islands is brimming with hiking paths, stunning waterfalls, volcanic trails and eco-conscious animal watching tours all year round. The Azores take great efforts when it comes to conservation of their resources, especially their bio and geo-diversity, and they invest a lot of time, money and effort into renewable energy. Even though this is a remote spot that requires a longer flight, once you land, you can be sure your vacation will have a minimal effect on nature.


This small Balkan gem is yet fairly undiscovered when it comes to tourists, therefore, the pollution of the attractions is not apparent. Montenegro has a variety of natural attractions from beaches and underwater wonders to dramatic mountains and deep forests—there’s something for every type of traveller. And most of all, this destination is very cost-effective and suitable for everyone’s budget. It’s even perfect for travellers-investors trying to find urbanized plot for sale in Montenegro to build their own vacation spot. Many plots are perfect for building a sustainable resort or hotel and these are guaranteed to bring a great ROI in the upcoming years.


For many years back, Sweden has been taking the titles as one of the most sustainable destinations in the world. One spot in this beautiful Nordic country stands out, though—Gothenburg. This country’s second-largest city takes pride in its renewable energy use, especially when it comes to public transport. Also, many accommodation options in the city are environmentally acclaimed and awarded with various recognitions for eco-friendliness. Even the largest hotel in Europe, Gothia Towers, has very low carbon emissions. If you’re looking for a hub for your Scandinavian adventure, make Gothenburg your base.



After recovering from a devastating earthquake in 2015 and waiting through the pandemic, Nepal is finally ready to see tourists again, which is great news for eco-conscious travellers. If you’re looking for sustainability in its top form, check out Bardiya National Park which constantly makes a great effort in protecting endangered animals in the area, mainly Bengal tigers. According to their predictions, the population of these magnificent beasts has doubled when compared to 20 years ago, which is a dramatic story with a happy ending for all.


Thailand is a well-known tourist destination perfect for all tropical beach vacation lovers, but also those who want to minimize their carbon footprint. In Thailand, there’s a group of islands called Koh Phi Phi, which has focused a lot of its funds and energy on becoming more environmentally conscious. These islands became famous when the hit movie The Beach from 1999 got shot there. The popularity of the area suffered tremendous damage due to uncontrolled tourism, but the government finally decided to do something about unsustainable behaviours and close the beach to tourists. This decision paid off because today, most marine life is back in the area. And Koh Phi Phi has various luxury sustainable accommodation options that encourage people to take good care of the area. Travel is one of the many joys of this world, but unfortunately, it does come with a price. Uncontrolled tourism, human greed and selfish habits have damaged the environment enough. Now it’s time to do everything that’s in our power to allow nature to recover. These tourist destinations are really helping the planet and doing their best to conserve natural beauty for future generations, so don’t hesitate to visit them and give them your money and time.

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