With the effects of climate change becoming more and more prominent all around the globe, more individuals are turning to greener and more sustainable alternatives in their daily lives. Construction is no exception, as sustainability has quickly shifted from a growing trend to an increasing need in the industry. As a response to society’s new environmental awareness, construction companies are beginning to invest more in green building, and here are some simple ways you could prioritize sustainability this year as well:

Going after LEED certification

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is among the most well-known certificates in the construction industry. Although it was mostly used for commercial buildings in the past, it is slowly becoming more prominent in the field of private housing as well, due to the sustainable environmental practices it guarantees.

Construction companies tend to produce less waste and use fewer resources when following this approach. The materials used are also more eco-friendly and locally sourced, water conservation is often prioritized, sources of energy are renewable, insulation is appropriate and effective, and smart appliances are sometimes included as well. Going after LEED certification seems like a good way to ensure construction sustainability in 2022 and beyond.

Focusing on modular construction

Modular construction has been on the rise for quite some time now, and it could be another effective tactic for increasing sustainability in 2022. This form of building involves constructing “modules” off-site, under controlled conditions, and using the same standards and materials as traditional construction. These building modules are then put together on-site, representing the original design and specifications.

Compared with conventional construction, however, modular buildings tend to be much more eco-friendly. As building components are made in factories, waste is significantly reduced through controlling inventory and recycling materials. The flexibility of modular construction also means that modules can easily be disassembled, relocated, refurbished, and reused, while the factory-controlled materials might help to reduce air and environmental pollution as well.

Investing in sophisticated software

Investing in efficient construction software can be another great option for construction companies. Apart from providing immediate cost-saving opportunities, such a sophisticated data fusion platform could also allow you to streamline your operations, reduce risks, increase safety, and lead to better project outcomes overall reducing inefficient Excel exports and paper printing.

Using more sustainable materials

Of course, the use of sustainable building materials is another efficient way of becoming a more eco-conscious construction company this year. Not only does the demand for these green solutions continue to rise among business owners and homebuyers alike, but using sustainable materials can also be great for reducing the cost of construction projects and increasing a firm’s competitiveness in the industry.

Eco-friendly building materials include steel, stone, bamboo, natural fibers, cellulose, polyurethane, composites, insulated concrete forms, fiber cement, stone/slate roofing, VOC-free paints, and many other recycled materials. These solutions help to reduce emissions, minimize pollution, and lead to altogether more sustainable construction projects.

Incorporating healthy features

Buyers this year also seem to have a preference for health and wellness features, and builders are responding accordingly. Homebuyers are more willing than ever before to pay extra in order to avoid toxic materials and other features in their homes, making homes that are certified for health and wellness incredibly popular in the current market.

Following this demand, construction companies are incorporating more health-oriented features into homes, such as UVC fans, zone heating, and indoor air quality sensors. Local governments around the world are also providing lists of green building standards for builders, being a great guide for any construction company wanting to become more sustainable in 2022.

As the need for sustainability continues to increase, the popularity of eco-friendly construction is on the rise as well. If you’re looking to become more sustainable in 2022, utilize the tips mentioned above to streamline your building practices.

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