You might be disgusted by the consumer world we live in, but the truth is that it’s very hard to avoid being a part of consumer society. We have everything we need readily available to us at all times, but the purchasing decisions we make can result in more or less pollution—you still have a choice on what to buy. If you want to be a better consumer and ensure a brighter future for all of our kids, here’s how you can embrace green purchasing habits and be a part of society in a healthier way:

Invest in reduced packaging waste

No matter if you’re buying something in person or choosing delivery, there are ways you can reduce packaging waste. Certain companies are proud of their eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging that can be composted easily or recycled in many ways. When buying things in person, make sure to choose loose products (veggies and fruits) instead of pre-packaged ones. It’s also possible to invest in reusable product nets and always carry reusable totes or paper bags for your products.

Improve your energy efficiency

We consume services and products in many different ways, through entertainment, appliances and amenities. It’s challenging to ditch electricity and water from the grid, but you can still achieve noticeable savings at home and work with only a few tweaks. For instance, you can switch off lighting and other power consumers when not in use. If you need to invest in new products, gadgets or appliances, make sure to opt for energy-saving and water-efficient ones that use more than 50% fewer resources while providing you with the same action results. 

Buy ethical products

Being a green consumer also involves being mindful of ethical labor and proper pay to the workers. When investing in items, a smart move is to seek out hand-made products made by artisan workers to support small businesses. Also, try to give your business to people in need instead of huge corporations that exploit their workers and pollute the environment. For instance, if you want to treat your jewelry box to a new item or surprise someone you like with a thoughtful gift, amazing cord bracelets are the right choice. Your purchase will not only provide employment and support for women who have struggled to find and retain employment but also encourage repurposing discarded materials into wearable art—it doesn’t get more ethical than that.

Consider transportation pollution

The transportation sector is a huge polluter, but green consumers can do something about it. Through activism, you can advocate for stricter standards against emission. Additionally, it’s possible to focus on locally-made products that don’t need to be shipped from across the world. Buying local also supports small producers and helps your immediate community thrive and grow. If you need to use shipping, do some research on different companies and investigate how they treat their employees and what green measures they employ in their company.

Review your diet

As people learn more and more about green consumer habits, we can see a big increase in demand for eco-friendly foods. People today are aware of the negative effects of tempered food, so they choose to buy organic and local products. In many cases, these products are produced without the use of artificial fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones and pesticides, resulting in healthier and more nutritious foods. Additionally, buying local, organic foods can lower the effect of carbon emission since there’s no need for transportation and the use of preservatives and chemicals that ensure freshness or artificial ripening.

Check out solar products

To minimize your part in resource depletion, you can consider using more solar products in your everyday life rather than relying on electricity all the time. Some of the products that work on solar power are more expensive initially, but they are green, use free renewable resources and last longer.

Go electric or hybrid

The greenest thing you can do for the planet is to rely on walking, cycling or public transport, but having a car is a necessity for many, so investing in a hybrid or an electric vehicle is a great idea. These cars produce no carbon emission which is responsible for climate change, biodiversity loss and habitat destruction.

It’s not hard being green, or at least greener than before. Consumerism has a bad reputation, but if you make smarter and eco-friendlier decisions, it can be a beneficial thing for everyone.


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