At next week’s ITS America Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina (December 7-10) 360ns will be showcasing its Smartlock 8000, bringing web-control and card access to traffic cabinets, with no additional space required inside existing deployments.

The SmartLock 8000 enables transportation agencies to economically deploy industry standard security policies at their traffic cabinets for managing physical access and cyber control in real-time.  Combing the intelligence of Bluetooth, wi-fi, Ethernet, and OSDP encrypted connectivity, the SmartLock 8000 boasts the world’s first fully integrated access control system designed from the ground up for traffic cabinets. Featuring the advanced technology of Flex-Connect, the SmartLock 8000 gives agencies the greatest flexibility for protecting critical infrastructure.

In today’s connected world, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) play vital roles managing critical infrastructure including roadways, interstates, intersections, ports, mass transit lines, city traffic, and urban mobility. As connected infrastructure (IoT), roadways (V2I/V2V), and connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) have become a reality, cyber securing our infrastructure and protecting the safety of our citizens is critical, yet continues to be overlooked and undervalued. Mechanical locks and keys that come standard with ITS and traffic cabinets simply are not adequate to protect the critical transportation infrastructure housed within.

At 360ns looked at this problem and came up with the Smartlock 8000 solution that encompasses an internal door controller, smart key-override and access control software. The SL8000 is the primary lock and controller, the SL8000 primary lock can connect to up to four more SL8000 secondary locks.

There is no modification to the cabinet needed or additional equipment placed inside the cabinet. The old locks are removed and the new locks installed.

Visit 360 Network Solutions at Booth# 2113, ITS America Annual Meeting, Charlotte Convention Center


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