Rekor Systems’ platform has been selected as the core technology for a major Israeli highway intelligent infrastructure program.

The Rekor One Traffic Management Solution will serve as a real-time intelligence foundation for Netivei Israel, the national transport infrastructure company of Israel, to improve highway safety, congestion and cross-agency collaboration.

The joint program, launched by Netivei Israel in collaboration with Israel Living Lab Consortium and the Israel Innovation Authority, designates the Rekor One Traffic Management solution as the platform to drive data accessibility and improve traffic congestion and road safety on Israel’s main coastal highway.

Rekor’s traffic management solution brings digital and physical infrastructure together to extract the most data possible from the roadway and environment. The project will integrate multiple Rekor edge-based optical roadside sensors stationed along the roadway and consolidate this real-time traffic analytics data with seven other diverse real-time data sets, including dashcam footage, public transit analytics, video footage of roadway incidents, and traffic enforcement capabilities to detect violations. Data partners include Nexar, Moovit, AD Knight, HopOn, SaferPlace, and Blue White Robotics (BWR).

The one-year project is one of the largest initiatives for private-public collaboration in Israel’s transportation space to date and will deliver approximately US$300,000 in revenue for Rekor.

“This is one of Rekor’s largest collaborations with private partners to date,” says Rekor president David Desharnais. “A collaboration of this scale enables greater data capture and more effective insights to better understand traffic conditions and help Netivei Israel better serve drivers on its highways.”

The Rekor One Traffic Management solution combines a host of traffic management applications, including Real-time Traffic Analytics, Roadway Monitoring and Response, and Live and Archival Traffic Views. The Netivei Israel congestion mitigation and traffic safety pilot involves full deployment of all of Rekor One’s traffic management capabilities, including Rekor’s Edge Series devices to capture traffic analytics in Israel.

“Netivei Israel, as the national transportation infrastructure company, has a core mission of promoting innovation and technology to tackle transportation challenges,” says Revital Levy, director of Engineering R&D at Netivei Israel. “This project opens the door to entrepreneurial activity and collaboration among startups to allow Netivei Israel to continue to be a growth engine in the Israeli economy. Rekor’s solution provides a significant component to enabling effective real-time traffic management.”

“This is a one-of-a-kind project involving collaboration between a public authority and eight cutting edge tech-companies, in order to solve a real-life challenge by data and tech sharing,” says Dr Smadar Itskovich, founder and CEO of the Israel Smart Mobility Living Lab. “We, at the Smart Mobility Consortium, invite more companies to join us in this project and others, in order to join forces and accelerate innovation through collaboration in the smart mobility field.”

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