The Ukrainian reality of the present is a full-scale war with the Russian Federation and the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Right now we are the ones fighting for the right to democracy, freedom, and prosperity of humanity. If the Ukrainian nation does not win the war, the entire civilized world will be set back for decades. Therefore, we must be strong, enduring, and as friendly as ever. 

In this material, we will discuss effective ways to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the military, which every conscientious citizen can join.

Method 1: Charitable contributions to the Army
The National Bank of Ukraine and the official relief fund “Come Back Alive” have opened unified accounts to help the army and the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF). All these funds are used to improve military conditions, purchase new equipment, medicines, clothes, food, and much more. Payments can be made not only in a terminal, but also in banking virtually in a couple of clicks.

Method 2: Helping Volunteer Organizations

Some volunteer foundations that help the army have appeared since the events of 2014, and even more people joined the volunteer initiatives since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Thus, in every city, there have appeared organizations that are actively engaged in helping the military and territorial defense, as well as refugees. This includes fundraising for various needs, including military equipment, communications equipment, necessary equipment, medicine, food, hygiene items, and much more. 

They are often the ones who play a very important role in helping and even saving the lives of our defenders. Such foundations collect money very quickly, avoiding any bureaucratic red tape purchase and delivering the necessary items to the front lines.

For example, right now the activists of the Group35 Charity Fund are collecting money, studying the needs on the front lines, and trying to fulfill them promptly and efficiently. The volunteer association is raising funds and purchasing air defense equipment, optics for snipers, and other supercritical tactical equipment to bring our victory closer. The volunteer initiative is advised by KPMG Ukraine and audited by PwC Ukraine.

Method 3: Humanitarian Aid and Car Volunteering

This includes both individual and group fundraising to purchase essential items for the needs of the AFU and TDF. Mostly, besides charitable organizations, private persons are doing this, uniting everyone who cares. Necessary aid and lists of items are often published through their social networks. 

This can also include car volunteering. If you have a license and access to a vehicle (car, truck, or bus), you can help with logistics, transporting refugees, and other needs.

Method 4: Donating Blood for the Wounded

Donor blood centers make strategic supplies in case a large number of wounded people come in. Thus, you can find out the addresses of such centers in your city and donate blood if needed. If you have no contraindications, you can simply come to the nearest blood transfusion center.

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