If you’re an environmentalist, you might be wondering what pandas will have left to eat if you start wearing bamboo. However, there’s no reason to worry. There are over 1000 types of bamboo and pandas prefer the kinds that grow near the ground while the textile industry loves those that go high, often even 25 meters closer to the sky. Now that we’ve established that pandas will not starve, let’s see why all of us should consider wearing bamboo fabrics, especially if we want to protect the environment and maintain a healthy body.

Bamboo is sustainable and eco-friendly

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. And while it grows incredibly fast, it also requires very little care during the process. This plant only needs plenty of sunlight and it will produce long roots that will grip the soil and keep it steady and healthy. Plus, cutting down big plants will not stop their growth, but only make them sprout faster and build stronger stems.

Additionally, bamboo is 100% biodegradable and requires far less dye than cotton, while also showcasing all colors exceptionally well.  With bamboo textiles, you can sport attractive, vibrant clothing that will last long into the future.

It requires very little water to grow

Bamboo grows quickly, but it also needs very little water to grow, much less than cotton. The plant can grow very successfully only on rainwater—no artificial irrigation and water waste needed. In the process of bamboo textile production, fabrics require much less water as well. When manufacturers dye bamboo textiles, they require less dye. Altogether, this means less wasted water and fewer chemicals needed to make durable and colorful clothes.

Bamboo purifies the air

Today, air pollution is one of the main issues communities face, and the fashion industry is here to blame. Luckily, bamboo plants are great at cleaning out the air we breathe while also producing 30% more oxygen than trees. This means bamboo forests absorb more carbon dioxide and other gases while providing us with fresh oxygen—it’s an environmental win combo!

Bamboo is great for the skin

All people who suffer from allergies can finally rejoice. Bamboo clothing can truly transform your relationship with clothing. Eczema sufferers and people with sensitive skin know just how hard it is to find clothes that don’t cause irritation and itchiness, but bamboo can help calm your skin and allow it to recover. It’s so gentle on the skin that manufacturers supply even the most sensitive of communities by designing comfortable and hygienic bamboo underwear for women which is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and gentle on the skin. This type of underwear also doesn’t ride up, is highly breathable and comes in beautiful colors fit for every taste.

Bamboo clothing is effective

The effectiveness of bamboo clothing lies in its ability to stretch, dry quickly and produce minimal odor. Synthetic materials can achieve similar properties, but every time you wash them, you release a bunch of microplastics into the water. Bamboo is a great alternative to synthetic materials that can work even better than man-made fabrics. Clothing made with bamboo fibers will maintain a balanced body temperature in wearers and ensure you’re not dripping in sweat after doing chores or working out. Plus, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, you can forget about body odor even after a long sweaty session at the gym.

Bamboo contains no toxins

Bamboo trees don’t need pesticides to grow and thrive, which means fewer toxins released into the soil and air, and later on the skin. Growing bamboo will leave the soil intact and avoid the negative effect on animals and plants living in the same habitat.

Do you need more reasons to switch to bamboo clothing? It’s also strong and durable, easy to clean, fashionable no matter the season and naturally UV protective. Make the switch today and enjoy a healthier and more comfortable future!

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