Earnings in the business of hosting varies greatly, so let’s look at what services hosting company the most in demand. 

Now let’s understand in detail, what exactly earns a hosting company. There are several basic options for services:

  • location. Type of service, when the provider places at its location and serves the customer’s equipment. In other words, this server rental, some kind of data center for outsourcing. Typically, this data center, serving the servers of several customers. In this case, the customer himself remotely configure their rented equipment. From the provider is required only the placement, power supply and maintenance of equipment.
  • dedicated server. This is also a kind of location, but much smaller. In this case the client is provided with one unit (a server cell). You can say that this is an outsourced computer. Some people call it a virtual machine. On it, the client places all the programs he needs. And he uses it like an ordinary computer, only remotely. Configures and maintains everything himself.

This is convenient for the client that the server is always on and there is access to it at any time, from anywhere in the world. The customers of this service are small Internet companies, medium-sized businesses, mobile applications with a small number of users. A company developing computer games may be an interesting client. All of these clients are united by small needs in computing power and the intention to manage everything independently;

  • virtual hosting. Physically – it is to rent a part of the virtual machine, which hosts the software for a particular target audience. This is its own folder with files on a remote computer. This service is most often used by owners of small web resources. As a rule, they need a common set of software for the work of their sites. Namely, storage, database programs, antivirus programs and so on;
  • SaaS or software rental. This is when the hoster hosts the software on their local machine, which is used remotely by consumers. This can be e-mail, online chat, forums, social networks. The customers of SaaS services from the hosts are the providers of these services. The difference between these services and a dedicated server is that the hoster itself installs the software under license from the provider. Here it is important not to forget about marketing for SaaS products;
  • Various additional services. This can constitute the main part of earnings. You only need to have enough competence to solve the client’s problems. Register a domain name, upload the site to the server, connect the security systems – these are some of the few tasks of small website owners alone.

Who is interested in hosting company services

Everyone who provides services over the Internet needs hosting. Neither more nor less. Any, even the simplest site, first poured into hosting, and only then becomes available to the general public.

The server is often needed for organizational purposes. For example, to set up internal communication, document management. Just the presence of the server or hosting services that meet certain requirements in many organizations is necessary in connection with the law on data protection.

Any services on the Internet need servers. For example, mobile applications. Almost every application, more or less complicated, has a server part on the backend, which is translated from English as the back or invisible part. The only exceptions are an alarm clock and a notepad, and that depends on what kind.

Servers are constantly in need of players in the network computer games. The fact that there are new toys all the time. Along with this grows and the number of players in gamer communities. In this regard, they often have the task of changing the server. You can offer them your services. The more that you do not have to walk to them. There are special resources for hosts, where you can add your offer and wait until someone takes advantage of it.

The demand for servers and hosting services grows with the development of technology. Some clients stop their activities and some start, so there are always those who need hosting. There are many who are looking for it right now as you read this article.

Many organizations maintain their own servers. Most are large businesses that can afford to hire expensive IT professionals. But they, too, are increasingly looking toward cloud technology. These are the same servers, but the information on them is stored in a decentralized way, on many servers around the world. You can be one of these points and have your own server.

It is important to understand that the problems with the demand for server and hosting services will not be, as long as progress does not stand still. The need for hosting occurs all the time. You just need to get used to looking for these needs.

Payback hosting company

The earnings in the hosting business are very variable. The higher the entry threshold, the higher the earnings. As, however, in any other business. But we are going to take an example, when at the start there is $25 000. Because this amount, on the one hand, is quite affordable in the form of consumer credit for the average working man. On the other hand, it will be enough to open a small data center to immediately capture the full range of hosting services that can be provided.

Again, this is just an example. And for those who are just starting out, we recommend some time to be a reseller. To understand your clientele and what they are willing to pay money for. Plus the initial investment at this option may not be required at all.

How much can be earned on the lease of servers

Earnings in this business varies depending on the set of services that you provide. Different hosts have their own set of options. Everyone decides for himself what he will provide. For example, you can find some one firm, work with her for many years, and she alone will provide the business. Or rent a server to some eSports company that organizes competitions. There are hundreds of options. The list of possible services is very large, and it is almost impossible to present it in a single list.

Here are a few examples.

Find 100 clients, who make money on the promotion of the site, and provide them with hosting services for $ 20 per month. Plus help with various setups and support. This strategy will generate $2,000 in revenue each month. This business model will pay for itself in about half a year. In this case, in addition you will need a couple of system administrators, who will support customers through a feedback form.

If you simply rent servers, the payback period will be longer, because all the work on the configuration of the equipment the customer takes care of. But this model will not require the presence of appropriate personnel.

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