Autostrade per l’Italia’s technical innovation arm Movyon was one of the new exhibitors at this week’s (March 29 – April 1) Intertraffic Amsterdam, presenting its ITS and tolling solutions for the first time, on stand no 01.308.

Among the innovations presented was Argo, an infrastructure lifecycle management and monitoring platform, which was a nominee in the Intertraffic Awards. This comprises digitization of infrastructure assets, a mobile app and lidar-produced digital twin to support on-site and remote inspections. Artificial intelligence is built in for image recognition and defect-analysis, as well as for integration of data collected by IoT sensors for structural monitoring.

The platform allows multiple and mixable sensor acquisition to enforce structural safety both in ordinary and exceptional conditions, to optimize the maintenance processes and evaluation of the effectiveness of works and to have a real-time snapshot of the state of the structures.

Among the new technology from Movyon presented at the event were:

Traffic and Safety Management: The advanced Movyon Traffic Management Platform, integrated weigh-in-motion system, solutions for tracking of dangerous goods and infomobility,

Tunnel Management Solutions: Such as the one implemented in Italy for the recently opened tunnel Santa Lucia, the largest three-lane tunnel in Europe, equipped with innovative technologies that guarantee high safety standards and better traffic management

Tolling Solutions: To simplify and speed up toll payment, optimise the management of financial flows and maintenance-related information, as well as the system status

Smart Roads: Technologies to enable I2V (Infrastructure-to-vehicle) and V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) communication and to make service areas data-driven

Smart City Solutions: For optimised traffic management, access control, smart parking and satellite-based local public transport monitoring, together with an advanced control room able to provide Public Administration and mobility operators useful information to make decisions and ensure efficiency and sustainability in urban mobility

Movyon Electronics: The hub dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for mobility, recently created by Movyon to expand its range of products and provide the market with increasingly integrated end-to-end solutions

In Italy, 15 Traffic Management Centres, 75% of the toll lane technologies, as well as more than 4,000 monitoring systems operating on the national road infrastructures are run by Movyon.

Movyon operates in Italy and abroad, developing and integrating cutting-edge technological solutions for road and motorway infrastructure operators, public administrations, and service providers, to enable them to guarantee the community intelligent, accessible, sustainable and safe mobility.

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